As surgical specialties have developed over the last 50 years, including Neurosurgery in the international arena, and as Neurosurgical specialties have been well established all over the Arab countries, this sustained continuous progress has shown excellent recognition by the outstanding international neurosurgeons. This has encouraged us to establish our own Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society, which has been recognized as one of the active Societies in the world. This has been proven by the recognition of the Society by the World Federation of Neurosurgery.

We have examined the different needs to develop more ties between the Pan Arab countries in the field of Neurosurgery, and accordingly, we feel that the Neurosurgical specialty in the Arab countries has been well established and is highly respected.

Specialty training programmes have been established, and what we need now, as a Continent, is a Fellowship degree to complete the Neurosurgical harmony between the Arab countries, which is sponsored by an honorary agreement.

The Arab College of Neurosurgery aims to join all the Arab countries in one Fellowship supported by the International Societies. The Fellowship is designed to identify those Neurosurgeons who have a broad knowledge of Neurosurgery, and who can recognize and deal safely with the wide range of problems, which they may encounter during their career.

They should have reached a stage in their specialty career in which they take full responsibility for Neurosurgical admissions in a general hospital dealing independently with urgent life-threatening conditions resulting from neurotrauma or neurosurgical diseases.

Organisation of Arab College of Neurosurgery

Foundation Board:

1. Khalaf Al Moutaery, MD Saudi Arabia
2. Antoine Nachanakian, MD Lebanon
3. Mohammed T Joharji, MD Saudi Arabia
4. Nabil Abdel Rahman, MD Egypt
5. Mohamed Lotfi, MD Egypt
6. Nabil Okais, MD Lebanon
7. Youssef Comair, MD Lebanon
8. Walid Almaani, MD Jordan
9. Waleed Murshid, MD Saudi Arabia
10. Ibrahim Sbeih, MD Jordan
11. Mahmoud Karmi Jordan
12. Fawaz El Assaad Syria
13. Ali Kousa, MD Syria
14. Moncef Khaldi, MD Tunisia
15. Maher Hassounah Saudi Arabia
16. Abdelsalem El Khamlichi, MD Morocco
17. Abdennebi Benaissa, MD Algeria
18. Abbas Ramadan, MD Kuwait
19. Khalifa Bo Rashid, MD Bahrain

Executive Members:

Dean - Khalaf Al Moutaery
Vice Dean - Antoine Nachanakian
Executive Dean Assistant - Mohamed Joharji

Affiliate Vice Deans

Abdennebi Benaissa Algeria
Khalifa Bo Rashid Bahrain
Nabil Abdel Rahman Egypt
Ibrahim Sbeih Egypt
Abbas Ramadan Kuwait
Youssef Comair Lebanon
Abdelsalem El Khamlichi Morocco
Maher Hassounah Saudi Arabia
Ali Koussa Syria
Moncef Al Khaldi Tunisia

International Sponsors:

1. Majid Samii Germany
2. Issam Awad USA
3. Jacques Morocs USA
4. Maurice Choux France
5. Philippe Cornu France
6. Rudolf Fahlbusch Germany
7. Fady Charbel USA
8. Joseph Maroon USA
9. Jens Haase Denmark
10. Ossama El Mefty USA
11. Alexander Konovalov Russia
12. Marwan Hariz UK
13. Christop Ostertag Germany
14. Luc Calliauw Belgium

International Organisation Sponsors:

1. PANS - Pan Arab Neurosurgical Society
2. WALN - World Association of Lebanese Neurosurgeons
3. CNS - Congress of Neurological Surgeons
4. WFNS - World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies
5. EANS - European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

Head Office: Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital
P O Box 7897
Riyadh 11159
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone: (966 1) 477 7714, ext. 4153
Fax: (966 1) 478 4057


The Diploma of Fellowship of the Arab College of Neurosurgery may be granted to those who possess a qualification, which is acceptable to their own countries in the Arab world.

The base of the requirements is as follows:

Neurosurgeons with specialization degree from an internationally recognized institution.

Five years experience post-qualification

Application must be addressed to the Executive Assistant.

The application form must be accompanied by certificates showing the date and place of their Medical and Neurosurgical qualifications, and all particulars of subsequent Neurosurgical experience.

The application form should be accompanied by the following:-

1. Qualification in Neurosurgical Units and post-qualification training in a Neurosurgical

2. Recommendation from five (5) qualified senior Neurosurgeons.
a) From the President of his own society
b) Two senior Neurosurgeons, members of PANS (Fellows of the Arab College of
Neurosurgery or senior Neurosurgeons).
c) Two international sponsors either from AANS, FACS or EANS

3. Active members of PANS (with adequate numbers of presentations).

4. Three international publications in a recognised Neurosurgical Journal with at least
two publications in the PANS Journal.

5. The applicant should have good relations and be of good standing.

6. Complete curriculum vitae.

7. Three photographs.

8. Two copies of their medical diploma.

9. Two copies of their neurosurgical diploma.

10.Two copies of any additional qualifications.

11.Copies of Courses, Symposia and Workshop certificates.

12.Copies of their published papers. (A list with indication of Journal name, volume and
date of issue).

13.Copy of valid passport.

14.Copies of affiliation or membership of International Societies, if present.

15.The Dues of US$ 250 should be sent by credit card or a cheque made payable to our
account. This sum should not be given back to the candidate if the Board Committee
rejects his file.

Period of Study

Evaluation of the application is two (2) years.

The Board Meetings will be held in Beirut six months before the annual meeting of the PANS.

The cost of the meeting and travel will be paid by Saudi Arabia.

If the file is accepted, the candidate will be informed and a Diploma will be distributed every two (2) years in a special ceremony to be held during the annual PANS meeting.

The Diploma: Fellow of the Arab College of Neurosurgery (FACN)

A special Diploma will be designed for this event, decorated with out logo and the border will be made up with flags from different Arab countries. This Diploma will be signed by Khalaf Al Moutaery, MD, Antoine Nachanakian, MD, Issam Awad, MD and the President in function of the PANS.

The Gown:

A Gown will be provided at a price of US $ 500 before the ceremony. This Gown will be black with a red collar, edging and cuff. For members of the board the should epaulets will have a white ribbon fox tail. The mortarboard headpiece will be in black with a red border.*

* Application form, Diploma, log, and the gown are presently being designed.